Covid-19 Announcement



Maria Abramjan Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Dear Clients, All,

As a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner I have a responsibility to address my most cherished clients, clients to be and Everybody. Due to the highly rising cases of people getting infected with Covid-19 (coronavirus) is now officially is stated as pandemic worldwide. It means the virus is spreading on a global scale at the same time.

The virus can affect any age but our most cherished elderly ones are at the highest risk and those who already have other health conditions. All of us young or old are equally responsible for our loved ones and our surroundings. Right now it is the time to truly listen to our human side and show compassion and care. Reconnect with ourselves on the highest level of love. If we care and love ourselves and do the utmost to stay healthy and safe, doing so we show example to others and what needs to be done.

From my side I will follow the government request for all business involved, massages and therapies (and this also is relevant to hand on Reiki treatments) to keep all practice temporarily closed.

Good news is, that thanks to the power of internet for those who would like to receive Usui Reiki treatment will have the opportunity to receive distant healing through ONLINE SESSIONS if they request so, which is just as effective as the hand of body method.

l will be posting different tips and articles and latest Youtube videos on how you can do to boost your immune system, so please follow my posts on instagram for latest announcements.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Abramjan @brightonupwithreiki