My name is Maria Abramjan and I am a Certified  Reiki Practitioner of both Western and Eastern styles and this is a small introduction about how and why I chose to be a Reiki practitioner. 

My personal experience with Reiki started 9 years ago I was going through an extremely difficult phase. I was not only in despair but also lost, which then slowly started to negatively affect my health and the quality of my life. After pouring my heart out to an old friend, she recommended me to try Reiki. To be honest I was skeptical about it, especially because she mentioned that she would treat me remotely, and did not know what to expect but eventually decided to try and little did I know back then that it would open a new chapter in my life. After my first online/remote Reiki Treatment I felt better, more settled inside and balanced. I felt warmth and harmony. In that moment I decided to learn the Reiki System so I could treat myself to achieve my own balance and make my own peace with my past and let go of certain painful memories. Once I'd achieved it I felt the time had come to help others in need. 

When I learned Reiki 9 years ago, I was taught that it is the only remaining style but later on I found out that the style that I'd learned was the Western style Reiki method that came to Europe and all over the world from the US but there is also a Japanese style Reiki system that never left Japan, so I felt compelled to learn and practise the Japanese style (Jikiden Reiki) so I completed both Shoden and Okuden (1st and 2nd) levels. 

Today I soley practise Jikiden Reiki.

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My Reiki Certificates for Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Mikao Usui Ryoho