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physical treatment
physical treatment

Physical Reiki treatment.

The most common type of Reiki treatment is the hands-on method. The Reiki Practitioner places their hands on different parts of the body to bring it to balance. The aim of this treatment is to locate where the energy stagnates and apply Reiki to help its effortless flow. 

Our work or lifestyle factors influence the circulation system of the body directly. For example, spending countless hours sitting, or standing with a bad posture locks the energy in a certain area of the body, creating physical tension and discomfort. Over time similar lifestyle habits create a disturbance in our inner circulatory system, resulting in inflammation, pain, and an overall imbalance of the body. During a Reiki treatment, we aim to ease these unpleasant physical sensations, bringing a pleasant, stress- and tension-free feeling to the body. 

Emotional / Psychological treatment.

Reiki treatments work holistically, it means that everything in our body is interrelated and interconnected. Our emotions and physical imbalances walk hand in hand. Therefore when the body is feeling more balanced after each Reiki session, we also feel calmer in our hearts and mind. 

Although we aim to ease stress-related illnesses and certain mental-emotional traps, like bad habits, or even anxiety, compulsive-obsessive disorders, hyperactivity disorders, and depression, we treat them throught treating the body. 

Distant or Online Reiki treatments

In the West, we are becoming more and more accepting of the idea that there is an energy field through which we are all connected. In Asia on the other hand this has never been a question of debate. Since Ancient times they recognise and speak of Prana, Qi, and Ki, meaning the same - A life-creating and life-supporting force, that flows through all living things. Without this force, no life would be possible. Every cell of our body resonates with nature and the tremendous evershifting energy of the Universe. Every human being is energetically connected with each other which makes distant treatments possible.  

There is a rising demand for distant healing, and you probably wonder why? Because at times not all of us can make it to a face-to-face session due to being abroad or simply having trouble getting out of the house due to certain health conditions. Some of us simply wish to experience Reiki treatments from the comfort of our homes, while others find it difficult to relax in a new environment, which makes distant treatment the most suitable type of treatment for them.

What is happening during a distant or online Reiki session?

Online Sessions are not just happening on the basis of trust, the practitioner exchanges contact details with the client via Skype or WhatsApp. 

Before you decide to sign up and pay for an Online Reiki treatment feel free to contact me first in case it is alien to you or if you feel skeptical about it. The online consultation is free of charge and it's made for you to be able to ask any question related to Reiki treatments.

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