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physical treatment
physical treatment

Physical Reiki treatment.

One on the most well known and used type of Reiki treatments is the hands - on healing method. It means the Reiki Practitioner places hands on the body of the client and channels the Reiki through hands or fingers. The Reiki Practitioner places hands on several parts of the body to locate the stagnation of energy and directs the Reiki to help it to flow effortlessly. Normally those areas are where the lymphatic nodes are located, it happens that due to certain lifestyle factors the blood circulation is weaker in those areas, which can affect other parts of the body including the organs. Therefore ensuring the better flow of energy would release the tension from the affected areas and aid the circulatory system. 

This isn't another meditation online session, where you will learn how to breathe or meditate. 

This Programme will teach much-much more. You will learn those missing bits you lack to understand a lot more about your own body and how else to manage your emotional, mental and physical imbalances.

If you are somebody who 

- does not want sit on meditation classes, go to yoga groups, healing sessions, see any professional just to improve your everyday life and wish to be able to do it in your own time, based on your own rules. 

- would like to reconnect with your body better to spend the rest of your life in harmony with yourself

- would like to find your own pace in your daily activities

- would like to learn new healthy and simple habits to improve overall health and manage certain pains

- would like to learn more about your surroundings affect the body and mind 

- understand what does it mean to reconnect with Nature (here I don't mean going for a stroll in the woods, or a picnic at the beach or in a park.)

- have somebody if you prefer to keep you accountable by leading you through a programme once in a while, helps you through when you get stuck and give you that initial kick in the bumm so you complete and benefit from this programme without a fail.

- want to teach your family and children a rather mindful approach in order to be more confident, sure and free personalities.

- and finally understand what does it mean to be kind to yourself and love yourself better...

- this programme is for you!

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Emotional / Psychological treatment.

Normally after a successful course physical treatments most of the stress related illnesses will go away. Regardlessly to it, there are treatments that help to get rid of certain mental-emotional traps, like bad habits, or even anxiety, compulsive-obsessive disorders, hyperactivity disorders and depression. These treatments are shorter and they are always focusing on one problem at a time and is included within a Reiki Session. The Reiki Practitioner this time is not touching the body but keeping one hand above the head in the duration of 15 - 20 mins.

Distant or Online Reiki treatments

There is rising demand for distant healings, why? There are times when you cannot make it to the face to face session because you are abroad or have trouble getting out of the house due to certain health conditions, or simply just would like to experience Reiki Healing from the comfort of your home. For some people it is difficult to be and feel relaxed in a new environment, therefore these style of treatments are most suitable for them.

What is happening during a distant or an online Reiki session?

Online Sessions are not just happening on the basis of trust, the practitioner exchanges contact details with the client via Skype or WhatsApp. The Reiki Session begins with an online consultation and after that, the respected client will either lay or sit down, whatever is the most comfortable and gets ready to remotely receive Reiki Healing. In the meantime, if the client will also be listening to relaxing music or nature sounds.

Before you sign up and pay for an Online Reiki treatment in case it is alien to you or even you feel skeptical about it please feel free to contact me first for a FREE Consultation where I will speak you through and even give you a small demonstration of what distant healing is truly like.

The other reason for the rising demand for online Reiki treatments is the current threat of the spear of the Coronavirus. This is the safest way to stay to receive Reiki Treatments and remain calm and balanced in your own home when things feel overwhelming and uncertain..

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