Panni Farady


"Maria is a very wise person, fully dedicated to do her best to solve your matters during the sessions, she has a great passion for Reiki as it was established by its founder. Highly recommended!"

Irina Sofronova


"Being quite skeptical by nature, I was very surprised to feel the effect of Maria's Reiki power right on the first occasion - I sensed warmth, inner energy flows and sort of 'body-mind relation' in the end. It also helped that she was not pushy, but conscientious about my mindset, state of openness, and let me go through this experience in my own way and pace. Maria is a very good listener, a wise adviser and very attentive to your reactions. Looking forward to try again!"

Eszter Halasz


"I believe, that Maria has a unique talent in 'feeling' and understanding people. When I went to her treatment I needed to put my thoughts together. I wanted to clean myself and to understand where my life is heading... Sometimes, we realize, that we are giving so much energy to our beloved ones, to the people surrounded, and the end, we forget to get that energy back to our body. After the healing I felt so much relieved, like a new born baby. Her session is truly recommended. Thank you so much! ."

Ilona Alt


"I have several reiki sessions with Maria and she was phenomenal! My first session was in person in LA and I felt that she was able to target my feelings and the way my body was responding to different events that were occurring in my life. Following that, we did additional sessions via skype, which were great as she was was able to set the right environment for the session with a choice of music, as well as a discussion afterwards of our observations. I really enjoyed it and look forward to many other sessions in the near future! "

Orsolya Tamas


"The level of attention and care I got from Maria was extraordinary. I wish we would be closer to each other to have this experience more often "

Andrea Zs.

Kuala Lumpur

"I am professional dancer which could be very stressful sometimes and when I was going through a difficult phase in my life, through Online Reiki healings I managed to regain balance and found the way to my old self. Maria Reiki treatments helped me through it. Very much recommended. "

Ryan Phillips


"Maria has a very unique and calming energy about her. Her Reiki treatments leave me feeling super relaxed and free of stress. Maria definitely has a natural talent for Reiki and energy healing treatments and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to give her a try. "

Guy Dallal


"Maria has very good intuition with people and she uses Reiki how it was best suited for me. After each treatment I felt more relaxed, calm and focused. It is a great help especially when you have a stressful period at work. Her calming energy, wise words and the intelligent use of Reiki would always have elevated my spirit and brought a smile to my face."

Amir Gwirtzman


"Before meeting Maria, I've had many massage and physical therapy treatments, being a touring musician with lots of build up of stress, muscle pain and fatigue. So I had my very first Reiki treatment with Maria. I didn't know what to expect and was a bit skeptic, I wasn't prepared to what followed, since it surprised me thoroughly and completely: I felt warm energies flowing through my body, I could clearly sense them effecting, healing, relaxing and calming my body and mind. Maria is in tune and balance with herself, which make her extremely attentive, she sensed every problem that needed to be treated, without me having to mention it. Just like magic. I felt healthy, relieved and well in balance after this session with Maria, and I highly recommend her Reiki treatment to every human being. ."

Orsi Kun


"I had some stressful times and whenever I turned to Maria she could always found the way to calm my soul and my mind. A very intelligent woman full of openness and wisdom. Her treatments gave me confidence and I felt more energetic than ever before. After her Reiki treatment I always leave with a message each time that helps with my inner growth. She has an extraordinary talent to cure with Reiki."

Anna Veruleishvili


"I first met Maria over 6 years ago, I was burned out at a high performing job at the time and started her Reiki sessions to recharge and ease the symptoms and exhaustion. I have followed her path into spiritual practice since and could only recommend her for all who are in need of a soft touch and good advice on regaining mental and physical balance. I have gained experience in energy myself in recent years, which has allowed me to fully experience the potential and strength of her channeling during the sessions."

Elisa Laurino


"I was really skeptical about Reiki when Maria mentioned it to me for the first time, but since I trusted her, I decided to give it a try. I was in a very bad personal situation and I had to try whatever I could to try to get out of that situation. What Maria did, was to help me cutting the bonds that I had with my painful past, with all the people and all the situations that were causing me pain and suffering. I still don't know how, it took time, but it worked; I managed to feel stronger, lighter and free from the past, ready to live my present."

Anett Medves


"Maria is a very intuitive, empathetic and clear-sighted person. Already at the consultation I felt that I am in the right hands. My very first experience with Reiki was when I went through an emotionally critical phase and its effects were still haunting me... during the Reiki treatment, I felt the flow of energy everywhere in my body and that made me feel safe. The warmth made me feel so relaxed. It was only 20 minutes yet its was equal with an hour long relaxation and also came with colourful images which were the visual manifestations of my real life problems. I felt my barriers fade away. Maria intuitively treated those barriers. I simply felt better after the Reiki treatment... I still have a lot to work on but I can certainly recommend her sessions, especially because I need them still. Thank you Maria."

Daniel Brownwood


"Maria is a fantastic and insightful Reiki master. Her ability to seamlessly introduce novices to this hidden world of energy in a grounded yet holistic way set her apart from others in my opinion. I carry with me the techniques she has taught me every day. Highly recommended even (or maybe especially) for skeptics! "

Tamsin, UK

Maria is the real deal! She has so much strength, channels energy brilliantly and can really tap into your energy. What I especially appreciate is that Maria will take time after the session to discuss what was experienced (from her side and the clients side) and always has wisdom and advice to share which is on point. Maria is warm, understanding, calm and patient. I have been singing her praises to others that never considered Reiki, they went, and just like myself came away with much more peace and tranquillity. Thank you Maria!

Maria, UK

Maria is a wonderful caring woman, a true professional with incredible energy.
I highly recommend her.