The Body-Mind Online Coaching Programme 


In the last months I have been putting together a programme, that I have tailored specifically based on my clients inquiries, based on the difficulties they struggled with.

Since the lockdown many people were falling from one extreme to another. Excessive worry,  trouble sleeping, stress and anxiety poison people's thinking, and their daily activities, causing people to lose touch with their own character and their surroundings. Indulging in emotions like sadness, grief, worry, anger and mostly fear. 

Yet, this is not only because of the Covid or lockdown... such emotional traps were present before and I must say will always be there and will evolve as we age until we decide to do something about it.

The Body-Mind Online Coaching programme is designed for women in their 30' and above.

It is a 12 week programme which consists of theory and practice.

- Every weekday you will receive a daily email, containing with an interesting topic about the your body - mind connection.

- Each week a video or more videos will be provided, that will contain a healthy habit or a practise related to that weekly or daily topic.

- You will become a member of the Body-Mind community if you wish to and can participate in group chats, to which a link will be provided to you after signing up to the programme. In this group you can share your experiences and progresses with others or raise questions.

- I will personally be supervising the group chats but if you have a private question you would like to discuss I will be more than happy to assist you personally. The aim of the group chat is to encourage each other, the motto of this programme is - "We rise by lifting others".

- If weekly or monthly calls will be needed, that will also be arranged as you wish.

In This Programme you are the director, you have the lead as no one will superwise you unless you will request me to do so. You will tailor when you want to read the emails or when you will do certain practices. You will hold yourself accountable.

This Online Coaching Programme aims to provide you vital information about how your body works and the tools how manage stressful situations at home by yourself. 

Who should apply for this programme:

Anyone who feels at least 1 of the below listed apply to you ;)

- Fed up with another online meditation or yoga class or not yet ready to commit to a deep emotional therapy, while already dealing with much, simply wanna learn more about the body-mind connection and how to manage it yourself?

- Or you are practicing meditation already and want to understand when better to practise it and why. Or how you can improve your breathing exercises to they are not only calming the mind but beneficial for the entire body.

- Doing everything in the world yet nothing is truly helping and you do not know why?

- You feel your life is stagnating, too tired feeling you are lacking a lot of energy.

- You are experiencing that your stress levels are on edge and they are influencing your thoughts more than before.

- You feel more emotional and anxious, feel like crying or that you are too overwhelmed.

- You would like to improve your wellbeing by using the method of prevention to improve sleep, beauty and longevity.

- You want to learn more about your body-mind connection regarding to your age.

- You would like to feel more positive, reconnected and rested.

- You are open to make changes by introducing simple and easy habits, that will improve your life for a healthier, happier more balanced you.

- You are in your 20' but already can identify your struggles with the above mentioned, wish to educate yourself about how to improve this state?


The entire 12 week Body-Mind Online Coaching Programme is ¬£90 if you wish to pay it all at once. You can also have the option to pay it in monthly installments for ¬£35.

to  register to The Body-Mind Online Coaching Programme please fill out the form below:

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