London, UK

"I was burned out at a high performing job at the time and started her Reiki sessions to recharge and ease the symptoms and exhaustion."



"Maria is a fantastic and insightful Reiki master. Her ability to seamlessly introduce novices to this hidden world of energy in a grounded yet holistic way set her apart from others in my opinion. I carry with me the techniques she has taught me every day. Highly recommended even (or maybe especially) for skeptics! "

Brighton up with Reiki would like to introduce you to Reiki Healing. 

It is a Japanese energy healing system. See how it can help you. 

Everybody has 4 "bodies" of energy.

Physical  (Health)

Mental  (Thoughts)

Emotional (Feelings)

Spiritual (Spirituality)

They are independent from each other but if one of them is not in balance, that would create a feeling of discomfort, stress, anxiety and physical pain. Just like we would heal our physical body there is a way to heal all the rest of the "bodies".Reiki Energy Healing helps to cleanse the mental state, release from any emotional traumas of the past, develop or regain spirituality which would eventually result in a healthy state of the physical body and an overall feeling of balance, confidence and happiness.  

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